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tv   Fox 8 News at Noon  FOX  December 1, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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to learn dead after a shooting in vienna, jessica dill has a live report. >> for ridgefield police officer, who took money from a shop with a cop program learns is vague. >> lebron james earns another new honor. the winds of change are really blowing with wind chills in the 20s. the surge is often demand that the police say shot and killed to people in nevada, you
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dill has the latest. no word on where the suspect is. i will have information from her coming up. informer ridgefield police officer was sentenced for takin money from the shop with a cop program, today he was sentenced to two years probation, 500 hours of cutie service and pay $50,000 restitution, they say h took bud the charity for his own persona use
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jessica dill. still no word on the suspect, is considered armed and dangerous, two people were shot yesterday, we know now that the female victim ended up dying at the hospital, the sheriff says that she was six-ten weeks pregnant, please looking for 25-year-old david darnell calhoun junior. learned that he was released from prison after serving time for burglary and robbery he was on post- release control at the time they say he shot the two people in a car on henderson road and ravenna township aroun 230 wednesday. she was taken to the hospital,
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>> to make work these were she was about six-ten weeks pregnant. >> it is tragic, you have two young people dead, and one pregnant it is tragic i don't know what else to say. he says it does was not a random shooting, the suspect in victims were acquaintances, the you know anything contact the police. jessica dill fox 8 news. barberton police looking for th driver who hit and army national guard and still kept going. is in a coma with severe injuries, they say around 1045 friday he and a friend were walking on north van buren street when a car hit him but
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injured. the passenger side window was busted out during the impact, w don't know about any other damage, we are assuming that there is at least some damage o the passenger side. laser asking area body shops to be on the lookout for a car with some passenger side damage if you have been in that area called the barberton police. former day care worker will spend the rest of her life in prison for rap children, 25-year-old heather koon of elyria attack victims a the urging of her boyfriend, registered sex offender, the former employee at the abc kidz child care elyria pled guilty t charges including rape, kidnapping also have to registe as a tier three sex offender he boyfriend, james osborne of elyria is a life sentence. cuyahoga county probate judge
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tamir rice case, and april the city and the family agreed to settle the lawsuit , and half of the 6 million this year and the other half next year, 12-year-old was shot and killed by the police will carry and airsoft pistol outside of the cudell rec center two years ago. this is a look outside from the roof-cam shows strong winds. wind chills are in the 20s currently. will be enough cold air to get a few snowflakes, if they pile up is still a little of an era but i think that thei will be some accumulation by tomorrow night. as snowflakes form and eventually snowfall in the higher elevations east of the city, on the doppler radar, the wintry mix in ashtabula, geauga county is where we find
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to the last, avon lake, the folger house, the lake erie looks pretty angry with plots o low clouds which is typical for the month of december which has the least amount of sunshine i believe about 27 percent of possible sunshine. 47 degrees cleveland, when's our blustery out of the southwest and then eventually from the last testing of 231 mph. with wind chill in the 20s you can say the precipitation across the lower great lakes currently, some tough to find, if at all today, a wintry mix o the eastside is a possibility. some computer models are showin maybe
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have a look at the weekend forecast and then big changes coming a week from today. lebron james of the names the 2016 sports illustrated sportsperson of the year, credi for rallying the cavaliers, a three-one deficit against the golden state warriors he has 14 nba titles, he was named finals mvp for the third time in his career, he just tweeted that he is humbd belongs to everybody the fans family the team and the lebron james family foundation.
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chattanooga are searching for a suspect who sho a police officer at 9:00 a.m. i several police were searching for squatters in an abandoned building the suspect is considered armed and dangerous, another officer is dead, after shooting in tacoma washington. standoff distending this mornin responding to domestic violence is throwing out, the suspect was barricaded, the family had been escorted out then the suspect was shot and killed by police from one
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plane crash in columbia, they said that it ran out of fuel just miles from the runway. >> are still investigating the cause and have located the blackboxes princess cruises cruise line has been caught polluting and intentionally covering up elevation seven felony charges and $40 million penalty, that is charged waterfowl lake cruise line >> donald trump is on his victory tour today sara marsh stopping first and indiana to could take credit for helping t say 1,000 jobs. he hits the road today with stops and ohio part of the thank you to
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this was his last big public appearance election i bet he will be in indiana, where carrier in just the first is planned to close jobs and not send jobs to mexico. not clear what they were offered that is treasury secretary nominee was ete the president-elect and the vic president-elect called the ceo of united technologies to say that we're going to keep jobs here, cannot remember last time that a president and that. >> bring in a sarcastic respons from the white house, mr. obama's job record? >> if he is successful in doing that, 804 more times than he will meet the record of manufacturing jobs that were created in the united states while president obama was in th
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recount beginning in wisconsin today for perhaps ever left by jill stein in conjunction with officials from hillary clinton's campaign stil considering what unlikely to overturn the election results, emerging from her own election result nancy pelosi retained her job as house minority leader howson to fight against the trump administration. >> i would trade anything not t have this opportunity of opposing administration. will engage that we can and when we need to oppose that we will. >> as far as the incoming administration, these are the cabinet pick so far. stowe plaza blanks. doug luzader, fox news. >> the thank you rally, will be
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if you go to the mall to do some holiday shopping this stor may change your mind, some majo changes coming to the way that
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, while come
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there today once in a while, it's like they want to brighten but for the most part, this is how it is going to be today and tonight. the clouds are producing precipitation on the eastside, satellite shows a couple of breaks in the overcast they are producing rain and snowfall mixed out east currently along the i-90 corridor up towards ashtabula. north of i-90. had not heard of any accumulation. begin this month with a 44-degree in which i was done
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ever snowfall, here 14.1 inches. looking at the webcam time lapse though to some in geauga county. the wind chills are in the 20s basically especially away from the lake shore with strong winds and gusting over 30 mph i some locations. precipitation around the great lakes a trough of low pressure keeps it fairly unstable will do so edge of tomorrow , maps in motion show cloud cover related tech. with
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veritable fast to get some of that precipitation, don't think it will pile up much. today a height of 42, it will b much colder, a light wintry mix
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>> on saturday 40 degrees perhaps a rain/snow mix on sunday with the next clipper system, they change comes a wee from today, fox 8 official school closing station,get alerts on air online and the fo 8 app,sign up for text alerts. there could possibly be some closings next week, perhaps. take a snap and which university tells students whether or not they got in the
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appleton wisconsin can expect a quick acceptance on snap-chat, emissions up and says his way to get on the scene level students they will also get a packet in the mail but they will respond to the messages. and you shop if you have to pay for marking, general they tested the new system that you
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first hour parking is free, the daily maximum is $16 those who stay for two hours will be charged the dollars. the man who created the big mac has died, h passed away yesterday he invented the berger and his uniontown pennsylvania franchis 1967, it featured, two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce cheese, pickles onions on a sesame seed bun, his family say he wants a week until his healt worsened he was 98 years old >> nestle says they have found way to make healthy chocolate using only natural ingredients found a way to structure sugar differently, remove the sugar crystals they say that each particle dissolves more quickly so they can use the sugar, but still thinks it is almost
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surges of heat band that
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ravenna, suspect is considered armed and dangerous, jessica dill has the latest from ravenna. >> no word on the suspect location but is armed and dangerous. two people were shot yesterday, one of them died, the one with throat surgery, and died last night, the sheriff says that she was between six and ten weeks pregnant. searching for, 25-year-old davi darnell calhoun junior goes by the name of the book learning that he was released from priso after serving time for burglary and robbery, he was on post- release control at the time, they say that he shot the two people in the car on henderson road in ravenna township around 2:30 p.m. wednesday, lashawn sanders, 33 died unsaved, sara
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kent was taken to the hospital and then died around 8:30 p.m. wednesday. and she was about six-ten weeks pregnant. >> it is absolutely tragic. you have two young people who are dead, and one pregnant it is just a tragic and don't know what else to say about it. says at this was not random, said that they were all acquainted, investigation if you know anything about the suspect contact the police immediately, jessica dill fox 8 news. elderly woman is one of the victims in a string of carjackings from the inner city to one of the quietest suburbs of new cases of carjackings at gunpoint and also with stage accidents, ed gallek has the
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exclusive video shows how it happened again, yet another carjacking at gunpoint, enclave is west side, and not long after, to another carjackings i beachwood, one at somerset and belfour. one here outside of the menorah park nursing home. >> i stopped at the stop sign, and this man started walking towd car. >> both beachwood cases came after staged why are car accidents, in one case, 79-year-old woman felt a bomb from behind, she got pushed to the ground and then the bad guy drove away in her vehicle. >> i've never had anything like this happen to me, i'm almost 8 years old >> i feel like this is not goin
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in cleveland, a couple carjacked on west 90th, the car pulls up the gunman jumps out the polls the gun, they spi off the stolen car this is one of at least two carjackings in the city tuesday evening at gunpoint. he had a gun pointed the gun at my face, and he did not need to say anything more >> carjacking in cleveland in beachwood police put out an alert, they had seen a spike in carjackings, not clear how many of these may be connected, investigators are taking a look at that, menorah park referred us to beachwood place, the i-team obtained this menorah park memo outlining increase security. my precious in there and my phone. >> you cannot fight them just have to get out.
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200 farm animals, rescued from a home with enclave in cit limits the cleveland apl removed the animals from the house on bailey avenue after a tip wednesday apl is caring for them will looking for help from rescue organizations, sharon harvey, says it doesn't appear that any of them were used for fighting neglected. >> as overwhelming as a says, w can now sleep knowing that thes animals are safe and we're goin to get them into more appropriate homes >> investigation is ongoing in the annals owners could face charges or be fine for zoning violations. a ban on buses and public square causes problems were rta riders and city council, some council members said they were
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close part of superior avenue to buses, the mayor's death says it is a safety issue with buses in an area with high for traffic but the council says that public square was designed to attract large crowds with high foot traffic, and i will write or say the band's increasing commute times causing them to miss connections. a million terms that this causes around the square, it actually places people in more danger than if you had passes through superior. by having to make the extra time, instead of going straight it makes me, that ten minutes that i miss that bus. she was cast to play the
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deeper into the past the season. agent sent her photo to a casting agency in chicago show producers of resemblance, the fourth grader says she wouldn't shock when she got the call. >> felt like is going to have a heart attack because i was happ with my first time to be on a real show felt like i was reall on a movie set up like i was th main character >> she spent 14 hours on the se and even shared with taye diggs >> she is to appear in more episodes this season and some additional episodes in season four next year. this is a look from the roof-cam, a.j. colby has a
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it is a wintry mix on storm fox show you the view we are inundated with cloud cover fur coat stretches into indiana and illinois. show you the maps in motion the wintry mix persisting into friday. showing signs of picking up saturday, we've got 30s to near 40, it makes it feel like 29 in akron/canton, you will need a warm coat today. the maps in motion show a low pressure trough pushing south over the great lakes are making
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42 degrees at the winds gusting to 30 mph , the wintry mix will perhaps turn into a slushy accumulation out east tonight, 34 and tomorrow 31, rain/snow mix with lake clouds continuing, the winds aloft show the push o much colder air midweek and you can see that diving into the dakotas , it will pay off with much colde we will struggle to be around freezing next week ago a couple of minor systems coming in just about every 48 hours. on sunday the next i think saturday will be the better of the two weekend days, 30 with 50 on wednesday and then colder arriving next thursday. ohio state men's best school
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state took control versus virginia cavaliers who rallied in the second half, virginia took the lead for the first tim with just under two minutes lef buckeyes had the ball last but you miss the three-pointer at the buzzer virginia escaped , city three-day 61, to improve the seven and zero the buckeyes are now six and one, yours p.j. ziegler with the thursday sport the baseball players union and mlb owners had a verbal agreement on a five-year collective bargaining agreement to reach the deal in texas before the current agreement wa set to expire as part of the deal, the luxury tax rises to
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or 10 million in 2021 a new draft pick drop for teams exceeded the threshold by $40 million or more this while loss and 82 regular-season game tuesday was a clunker for the team worker jr smith forgot he was playing in the game the second quarter after a timeout he shook hands with his friend jason terry on the bucs bench. of the said afterwards that he did not know t the game the cabin's response to the defensive lapse. >> it was embarrassing moment. he is going to move forward. we had a discussion, he felt ba and it was an embarrassing play and we will be moving on. >> for the second time, j.t. barrett has one the big ten cornerback of the year award
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in total offense just under 217 yards per game, with 33 touchdowns. the fourth time ohio state quarterback is what the lord since 2011 post on speaking of ohio state, could he be leaving town after the season, reports indicate that oregon is interested in great sure auto after the docks farther coach, greatest and i will be linked to the greatest, jim brown, it will join the hall of famers greenwood village of our inbuilt rustle as recipients of the sports illustrated muhammad ali legacy award there were chosen based on the careers and social activism that will be on a december 12 in brooklyn. after 466 days away from professional golf tiger woods i said to tee it up and his old
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he played in his first pro and wednesday in 15 months and the albany golf club he had to eagles and his biggest concern, is his putting that he is ready. i can compete, i can be normal, i will put the ball in the right spots and make an pos the low score to get the title. changes coming regarding what happens to fetuses after an
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aborted fetuses in texas, but not be buried or cremated p governor greg abbott require all healthcare facilities to either parent or incinerate the fetus after an abortion has place the remains as they be scattered or buried the same place two miscarriages previously they were considered medical waste, he claims the measures reflect the respect for the sanctity of life the new rule goes into
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the annual hiv cure summit is today in san francisco, and is bringing together some of the leading hiv-aids experts to offer updates on recent progres towards a cure, estimated that nearly 37 million people are infected with hiv, researchers are hopeful that they can prevent new hiv infections from. as we age, we take steps to remain healthy but a study indicates that for older women high-protein diet might not be the best thing is kim hutcherso has more. >> women over 58 high-protein diets could have a greater risk of heart failure especially if it comes from meat, according t a study at the annual santa the conference of the american hear association examined the protei intake of merely one in 4,000 women between 50 and 79 over five years, participants
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often unreliable, the also used biomarker data to determine actual protein intake , all participants were free of heart failure during the study, 1700 of them developed hard feelings by 2,005 they found that postmenopausal women follow a high-protein diet at a higher rate of heart failure was almost double women who ate less protein , appear to be at a lower risk of heart failure the study authors say that more research is needed to determine if this result is linked to the molecular mechanism of animal protein, my so choices or factors, i'm kim hutcherson. it is the season of giving that includes santa, he made on
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santa claus used a fire engine in southern california to deliver an early christians to a girl fighting a battle with cancer is, burke barry was there the celebration. squeals of joy for a girl who
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>> she has the neuroblastoma, but she is a trooper she's goin to beat it. >> has been 82 days in the hospital since august and has been a lot on the family come i these moments, make her day. >> the kindness, was paid for i through the debbie chisholm memorial foundation, named for sheriff's deputy 12-year-old daughter who died of brain cancer, the southern california only law enforcement s wish granting charity as gilmore the 3,000 years to hospitalized children in granted 407 wishes and even giving minivacation to abuse children. her waist today was an american girl dog know here, just like her, and green eyes. >> i was amazed, that these people would give their time an talents and their treasures to
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my daughter's day, to make her world, thank you from the bottom of my heart. >> there's nothing better than to see sick child smile so when bring the entourage of police and fire placenta to make an early visit, how special is
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a beaver trying to get in the holiday spirit, makes his way into a maryland dollar store to pick out a christmas tree looking at some wrapping paper integrations, after making a small mass, they called control, we were able to get hi out now he is spending the holidays at a wildlife rehabilitation center. raising a puppy can be tough but not if you are a 21-year-old, a slim hand in.
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unlike the average puppy he cleans up the mess by himself, when he had an accident in the bathroom floor, he enrolled toilet papered to try to clean it up himself, the photos are going viral online. an entire roll of toilet paper may be overdoing it. >> attachments are for my dog t clean up after himself than he could use two rolls of toilet paper , i would not be even mad, that is amazing. you don't strike me as a kind of guy who would have a temper. >> i am mad that maybe there is some snowfall coming. >> so people are looking forwar
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>> i have two mentally prepared myself. >> we are coming out of one of the warmest november's, so that makes it a little extra shock t the system, looking ahead, ther are several minor weather systems, the first one today at the next one sunday that i should wrap up by monday, with bit of warmth on tuesday wednesday. those will be the highest temperatures close to 50 degree on wednesday, the colder temperatures thursday, about 34 degrees, and that may be even warmer than what actually occurs occurs. >> i guess i need to mentally prepare, it does make things prettier, especially with all o the christmas lights, don't forget, go to fox
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the real." >> on girl chat, we're talking about trump's many tweets. >> when re are you going to dept me to? i was born here. >> and putting the blame on santa. >> it took me two years to get that barbie dream house. >> you got it. >> i didn't want it after -- >> and it is the time of the year to celebrate. >> we're toasting ebony magazine's power 100. >> with editor >> i want to honor our legends right now. >> and one dress, three looks. >> you work that, girl. >> "the real." ? this is our time don't waste another minute ? ? this is our time grab ahold of time and go get it ?


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